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Andrew Nicholson, curator of the Weird Australia website and author of the book of the same name, has made his fascinating book available as a free Kindle eBook download for the next 24 hours (sorry folks, time is up - back to regular price now). With Kindle apps freely available for tablet and desktop computers, there's no reason not to grab this while it's on offer - and just as much reason to actually buy the thing if you miss out on the free period:

Through real reports from the earliest days of European settlement to more recent times, we delve into all things mysterious and unexplained - from eyewitness accounts of the hairy man, sea serpents and big cats to strange objects flying through the skies and encounters with poltergeists, ghosts and other curious visitors from another time and space.

Whether you are a true believer in the paranormal, an interested sceptic or someone who just loves to be entertained with great stories, Weird Australia: Real Reports of Uncanny Creatures, Strange Sightings & Extraordinary Encounters makes great reading.

And keep your eye on the Weird Australia website for ongoing additions to the stranger side of Australia. Well, stranger than what passes for normal around here anyhow...


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14 April 2009
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9 weeks 5 days

Isn't the fact that caucasians can live in and even thrive in such a place as Australia weird enough?

All that lives is holy, life delights in life.

--William Blake

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8 August 2010
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49 weeks 5 days

Thanks! I'd already gotten it today!

Rick MG's picture
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2 May 2004
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8 weeks 5 days

The chapter on Daily Grail admin is particularly fascinating! :P

~ * ~


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16 August 2013
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4 years 3 days

Each pages were definitely informative!

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18 September 2007
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3 hours 16 min

The Space Brothers adore Australia and Tasmania too because they remind them of their own planets which differ so weirdly from most of the rest of Planet Earth.