Fortean Blogscan 20-06-2009

A few odd items to keep you busy over the weekend...



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11 June 2009
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I'm having trouble buying the smoke ring explanation, for mainly two reasons.
1) the ring is pretty dark, narrow and well defined for 'smoke', and it doesn't appear to be dissipating at all over the period of the video.
2) If it's from a ride, then there should have been smoke rings made all day long, so reports of a "UFO vortex" should have been made several times that day (not to mention repeatedly since the park opened a couple decades ago). We should maybe see remainders of the prior smoke blast from the ride.
Yes, no? Any discussion?

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6 February 2008
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of the ride hypothesis, it was related to the shape/size of the ring that was close to the circular ride on the right of it, hence an optical reflexion of some sort. Personally, I don't think so, but I'm no optical expert. The smoke ring is also out of the question, IMHO. So that leaves very few options...