Weekend Roundup 17-08-2007

A few things to keep you busy over the weekend...

  • Andy Letcher (author of Shroom) recounts the differences of opinion in his recent discussion with Daniel Pinchbeck.
  • Paul Kimball announces this year's inductees into the Other Side of Truth ufological Halls of Shame and Fame.
  • Dean Radin responds to recent criticism of his research from George Hansen.
  • Speaking of, George Hansen also has a new post on his blog investigating the decline of the ASPR (and the paradoxically good wage of its executive director).
  • The Societe Perillos investigates the life of Berenger Sauniere while in Lyons.
  • Jeff Wells covers everything from conspiracy to Glastonbury and Dion Fortune in his latest post at Rigorous Intuition, "No Need to be Nervous".
  • George Dvorsky asks whether it's really a good idea to be sending out messages to ET at Sentient Developments.
  • Filer's Files #33 has the latest weekly ufological roundup.
  • Anthony North talks "Saucer Recovery" at Beyond the Blog.
  • Filip Coppens takes you on a tour of "The Nubian Pyramids".
  • Meanwhile, Philip Gardiner has some words about "The Great Pyramid" at Paranormal News.
  • This week's Skeptico podcast features an interview with Tom Clark, naturalism proponent, who explores the lack of evidence for parapsychology, near-death experience and the survival of consciousness after death



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Direct link for the Andy Letcher/Daniel Pinchbeck discussion: http://homepage.mac.com/andyletcher/My%2...

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Thanks Perceval, fixed now. Should have checked my address bar when I copied it.

Kind regards,
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It has been awhile since I even paid attention to the Great Pyramid theories out there...theory burnout...I guess I prefer to just be amazed by my ignorance.

Anyway...to everyone here and mostly Mr. Gardiner:

The Earth goes through polar flips like clockwork...every 250,000 years or so?...yet, we have not experienced a flip in the last 750,000 years. As for the actual magnetic record I'm unsure of the "exact" timeframes, however, I distinctly remember saying to myself the last I read of the evidence,"HOLY COW! We are overdue by 250,000+ years!!!"(granted, global warming could just be the run-up to one long overdue)...

I have never seen this theory or question posed before (doesn't mean it hasn't!), and it only came to me as an epiphany when it was reading the geological journal, so whether it be riducule or heart felt responses I would appreciate any and all comments...

Is it possible the Great Pyramid(s)...being that all great pyramids/monuments are suppossedly located the same distance from the equator (read: Earth's bulge") are bleeding off the the Earth's energy and have been keeping us in balance this whole time?

Thanks in advance


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"an eminent Egyptologist spoke to me"

If he's going to use the powerful adjective "eminent" he should say who it was. Otherwise it sounds like he's padding his vocabulary to impress his point.

"It is simply unimaginable that so much effort be placed into building a structure of such gargantuan proportions, with such amazing astronomical alignments, with such perfect precision, by thousands of human souls, all for the one purpose of burying their God-King."

Not it's not, the God-King was everything to them. And further more it may not have been "their" decision to make, but the Kings. And if not that reason, what reason would be good enough? Every culture in the world reserves it's biggest monuments for a leader, either religious or temporal.

"These body parts discovered within the pyramids may be pharaonic remains, but they could just as easily be more modern burials, placed within the pyramids at a later date. "

WAIT A MNINUTE..... in other words, its perfectly acceptable that at SOME time they used them for burials, just not the first time around? That's a very weak argument.

"Again, and lastly, in the pyramid itself the hieroglyphic symbol for Khufu himself as a quarry mark was discovered by archaeologist Richard Howard-Vyse who is now believed to have forged it under pressure of competition from contemporary foreign archaeologists – namely the Italian Caviglia."

Pure speculation without a shred of evidence Vyse did this. But pyramidiots want this to have been the case, certainly, so they have now taken to reporting it as if it were almost a known fact.

"The only so-called evidence that the Great Pyramid was built for Khufu is scant to say the least."

There is an ENORMOUS pc of evidence, right next to the Pyramid. It is the huge funerary boat, which all royal burials had, and it's right there within 10 meters of the GP, duh. There is furthermore the copious amount of graffiti, on the walls of the old houses in the village where the workers who built the pyramid lived, which has been unearthed recently, that refers to them building "Kufus Horizon". (Their way of describing a tomb)

Finally: Anybody who does not believe they could have lifted massive stones to build the pyramid only needs to go to Luxor, where even bigger stones were lifted, and we know exactly who did this cause they wrote it all over the walls. We also can look at the "Unfinished Oblisk" still in situ, far more massive than any pyramid rock, which was left in the quarry cause it broke before they could haul it out.

The alternative creedo:

"This theory is far more exciting, mystical, and magical than that other one, so therefore, it must be the one that is true!"

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I'll second that, dashour. I too was very disappointed in the Gardiner article. It's peddling outdated and discredited nonsense.

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Now is "Duh" an intellectual term reserved for only those who are right about everything, or did you translate that from the wall of the "GP" whilst on your latest dig along side of Hawas-his-face at the "GP"?

So disheartening that you read an article from one of many who have done the actual work and decided that you argreed with it therefore it must be the only answer.

Bytheway, Dashour, it is a FACT that if a human were to travel faster than 60 mph in one of those new-fangeled horseless wagons they will explode from the pressure.

Listen closely and you can hear them "popping" all over the world as they enter onto the expressway.

It's always a delighht to meet someone who has all the other persons' answers whilst having none of their own...and no wonder in their lives to boot.

Why don't you stick to the scientific Amercian boards where you'll be very much appreciated and leave us who still have a sense of wonder and a dash of humility to continue to...well, wonder, question, and...nevermind, I'll just let you and your other ID agree with each other.

Bytheway, what DID Nepolean say when you introduced canned goods to him? You should know since you discreadit what his own hand wrote about the life he lived.

No one has the answer to the "GP", and that is an absolute "duh" you should consider.

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Even Hancock and Bauval have admitted [b]years ago[/b] that the graffiti in the relieving chambers above the King's Chamber was made by the work gangs of Khufu, and that the Great Pyramid was built by Khufu in the Fourth Dynasty.

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Khufu inscription, first it's clear that no insciptions of any kind were alowed in the great pyramid , why ? . Second, are we to believe some workers would go against that order and write "Khufu was here" on an inaccessable place to anonomously honour their god king ? Don't think so. Third At the time of Vysse the Rosetta stone had yet to be deciphered, and this is the biggest clue Khufu was written in a way it was thought to it should at that time.

I've been inside the Kings Chamber and its totally minimalist, plenty of people dare not enter it, (subconscious in action). I think it to be a place of rebirth, the sarcophagos, an altar where in a deceased would be temporarily laid out.

I think it's outrageous that egyptologists and sceptics alike cling to 19th century supremacist ideas. The great pyramid is still by far the most awesome structure ever build. The mathematics incorperated in it give witness of superior mathematical knowledge, thousands of years ahead of the west...go figure and then some more.

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Khufu name on that single hieroglyphic turned out to be misspelled?

I wonder what Aleister Crowley felt that night when he and a friend spend a whole night alone inside the King's chamber...

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