Alex Andreev Art

Those who have a copy of Darklore Volume 5 (Amazon US and Amazon UK) will have noticed some of the wonderful title illustrations that we've been able to include in this latest release. These include Alex Grey's brilliant Dying, Dominique Signoret's dark Cthulhu artwork, and also a number of pieces by Alex Andreev (Mike Jay's "Man of the Year Million", Martin Shough's "Return of the Flying Saucers", and Nigel Watson's "SkyShips"), . I'm sure most of you know that you can check out Alex Grey's influential art at, but I'd also encourage you to browse Alex Andreev's website as he has some wonderful images with a surreal/science fiction edge. Here's one that I didn't use, but which shows the quality of his work nicely:

1945, by Alex Andreev

Note that you can purchase high-res downloads of any of the prints directly via Alex's website with a minimum of effort. A big thanks to all the artists who allowed us to use their images in Darklore Volume 5, it definitely adds to the vibe to have such quality work illustrating the articles.


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