Bobby Kennedy Assassinated?

On what would have been Robert Kennedy's 81st birthday, the UK's Guardian is featuring an article by researcher Shane O'Sullivan which asks the question: Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?. O'Sullivan tells how video footage from the Ambassador Hotel may show notorious CIA coup expert David Sanchez Morales amongst the crowd. Morales is said to have bragged in the 1970s that he 'took care' of the Kennedys. Makes for an interesting read - O'Sullivan made a documentary out of his research, which apparently aired in the UK last night.


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I have known for some time that the CIA, or rather a dark branch of it, were responsible for JFK's death and BK's death. Bobby was John's confidant and chief advisor. He believed in equality and people power. He also believed in restraining the power of multi-nationals and also full dis-closure.
The world would be a different place now if Bobby lived and came USA president. For the better of all I think.

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It would have been a much better world if they had lived! Now, the survival of the human race is in question! What is didn't have to be!

What do you think?


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Mr Alexander Litvinenko is surely a minor player compared to JFK and RFK in history.

And it seems downright silly for Mr Putin to be involved with something like this, it just makes him look bad.

However, the motives for this murder surely come out of Russia. Perhaps it has something to do with Chechnya, but it was not the Chechnyans who killed this guy.

Some faction in Russia, maybe some privatized part of the KGB. You can call them FSB now if you want, but it's all the same people, doing most of the same thing.

Mr Vladimir Putin now has "plausible deniability". Maybe he is actually innocent of this one. More likely, he is innocent but knows pretty well who is responsible. And again, this one comes out of Russia, no place else.

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The USA does not hold a monopoly over suspicious assassinations.

Here are a few articles regarding Alexander Litvinenko if you are interested:

Security agent sucked into a world of Russian power games and oligarchs

Kremlin gave order to kill dissident and former spy, claims top defector

Critic of Putin had met murdered journalist