Science Fiction, for Real

You know how in sci-fi movies they have those scenes where a spacecraft docks with a space station? It also happens in real-life:

Space Shuttle Docked to the International Space Station

The above image is one of a whole set of photos showing Space Shuttle Endeavour docked to the International Space Station, released today by NASA (high-res versions available at the link). They were taken by yet another spacecraft, a Russian Soyuz mission that had just left the ISS.

For more on the images, see Alan Boyle's latest entry at Cosmic Log.


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I came over here and was going to share these pics with you, and as per usual it's already here... very cool!

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Poppa's got a new desktop background :)

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We truly do live in an age of constant wonder and miracle.

(and hey, isn't that Artie & Kubrick waving from the shuttle?)

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