10 Close Encounters

Last Sunday NBC's Dateline aired a UFO special titled "10 Close Encounters Caught on Tape", which presented a number of the more famous UFO cases in which video or photos of the event were recorded. The video of each segment is now available as an online feature at MSNBC.com, along with 'Internet only' material as well. The cases are certainly international in flavour, and include the Phoenix Lights, the McMinnville UFO photo, the Belgian Triangle, the Mexican Air Force footage, and New Zealand orbs. 'Experts' featured include Bruce Maccabee, James Fox, James Oberg and Michael Shermer. Cheesy at times, demonstratably wrong in certain aspects (eg. in conflating the two Phoenix Lights sighting), and some silly comments from ufologists and skeptics alike - but still worth checking out.


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Hello there, friends of the fringe!

I've recently been introduced to projectcamelot.org. Lots of very odd material over there. I was wondering if you were familiar with it, its content, and its credibility.

The friend who introduced me isn't fond of skepticism, so I pretty much listen and nod. I was hoping some folks with more experience in sifting the outlandish could give me (and anyone else interested in the material) a second opinion.