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Gary Lachman
Revolutionaries of the Soul (Quest 2014) is a collection of my essays and articles over the...
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Science needs to get over itself. And by 'science', I mean those people who see science as some...
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Gary Lachman
Here is an excerpt from my new book, Aleister Crowley: Magick, Rock and Roll, and The...
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Gary Lachman
 The Forest is Everywhere“It is essential to know that every man is immortal and that...
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Julie Beischel
On Friday, March 21, 2014, I'll be giving the keynote address at the Exploring the...

Story Spotlight

'Frozen clouds' is not something that can only be found in Sci-Fi films like Interstellar --Oops! Spoiler alert-- as the above image shows.

The photograph was taken by a drone on a newly-discovered chamber inside the Bustamante caves in the state of Coahuila (Mexico), which despite being a popular tourist attraction have only been explored in about 10% of their total depth. Obviously the 'clouds' are not really frozen, but are in fact globular calcite formations created by the thermal waters in the area over a period of 50 million years.

The discovery was made by the Asociación Coahuilense de Espeleología, a local speleology group, and it marks the first time that a robotic probe is used to explore caverns which are inaccessible to human beings. According to the group's president, Ana Gabriela Morales, the team also found a 'floating lake' above what they know call 'the Cloud Chamber', which is thought to be a subterranean river.

The speleological group plans to hand the results of their investigation to the state's authorities once it's concluded. Who knows, perhaps the little robot might stumble upon a secret dwelling of Duendes...

  • Source: "Descubren nubes de roca", Reforma newspaper (19/12/14)


Daily News Scan

(Posted by Greg on Thursday, December 18th)

It's beginning to look a lot like...something.

Quote of the Day:

If you deny my request for a pardon, I will serve my time knowing that sometimes you have to pay a heavy price to live in a free society. I will gladly pay that price if it means we could have a country that is truly conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all women and men are created equal.

Chelsea Manning

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