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The latest issue (Vol 8, Number 1) of the free PDF journal Paranthropology ("anthropological approaches to the paranormal") is now available to download - here's the complete rundown of features in the latest issue, which was guest-edited by Mark A. Schroll:

  • Editor’s Introduction: Revisiting Cultural Evolution and Technological Evolution in Consciousness Studies - Mark A. Schroll
  • A Quest for a Temple to Sleep In - Sarah Janes
  • The Big Dream and Archaeo-Geo-Neuro-Pharmaco-Parapsychological Theories - David Luke
  • Odin: Wandering Shaman Seeking Truth - Mark A. Schroll
  • Commentary: Dreams, Drugs and the Engines of Creativity - Ryan Hurd
  • Nature Awareness and Psychedelics: Report and Commentary on a Presentation by Ralph Metzner and Kathleen Harrison - Heather Walker
  • REVIEW: Dr. Strange: A Cinematic Journey into the Multiverse and Otherworldly Realities - Mark A. Schroll
  • REVIEW: Cultural Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing: Spiritual Interpretations of Symptoms in Medical Practices by Natalie Tobert - Teresa McLaren
  • Revisiting the Meaning of Chief Seattle’s Speech - Mark A. Schroll
  • The Meaning of the Cover Design: Envisioning a Cosmic Archetypal Model of Personality - Mark A. Schroll
  • The Meaning of the Hourglass Symbol - Regina U. Hess
  • The Archetypal Cauldron: A Clinical Application of the Anti-Hero in Transpersonal Art Therapy and the Hebraic Lore of the Golem - Claire Polansky
  • Catalysts that Initiate Embodied Knowing: Reflection on Individuation, Synchronicity and Ritual Space - Tanya Hurst
  • Reply to Tanya Hurst & Wendy E. Cousins - Claire Polansky
  • Commentary: Reflections on the Supernatural and its Relation to Spiritual Emergency/Emergence - Claire Polansky
  • Escaping the Night of the Living Dead: Toward a Transpersonal Ecosophy - Mark A. Schroll

In case you haven't read this great resource before, all of the previous issues remain available to download from the site as well. I know from experience the work that goes into doing something like this, so if you get something out of the journal make it your mission to throw some money their way with a PayPal donation. Even small amounts help!

Link: Download the latest issue of Paranthropology


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(Posted by red pill junkie on Thursday, March 23rd)

Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls…

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"Life is a festival of disruption."

˜Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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