Psi Research Journal Free to Download


The European Journal of Parapsychology was a peer-reviewed scientific journal on research relating to this controversial area of science, that ceased publication in 2010 after a 35 year run. Those interested in the topic of psi research will be delighted to learn that the Journal is aiming to make all articles from back issues of the journal freely available in PDF format. And as a start, they have put the content of volumes 19-25 (2004-2010) online at their website as PDF downloads.

Topics covered include mediumship, psychokinesis, the Ganzfeld, the relationship between ESP experiments and the temporal lobe, and much more. Researcher Carlos Alvarado has a sampling of some of the content at his blog, or just download each issue for yourself (they're only 2MB in size) and check out the contents.

Link: European Journal of Parapsychology