News Briefs 03-02-2005

Angelina Jolie in voudou shocker, crashing UFO's in Nepal, Opus Dei and some really cool science. Must be TDG news.

  • The Edge magazine asked 120 great minds "What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?"
  • The Sands Of Mars: future miners of raw materials will need to understand granular physics, including this newly discovered method for measuring 'granular temperature', and the reason why sand dunes sing.
  • lists the top 100 people who've made a difference over the past 15 years. Who would be on your top five inspirations of all time?
  • UK's colonial India records show tsunamis were common.
  • Were the Dropas Stones a record of alien visitations over 12,000 years ago?
  • As dump-sites go, there's nothing quite like Earth orbit.
  • The dictator, the saint and the minister - why is the Opus Dei group attractive to members of our ruling elite?
  • The inscription on a brick found in the archeological site of Jiroft is identified by experts as a manuscript belonging to the Elamite era.
  • Israeli Forensics Unit Identifies 3,000-Year-Old Skeletal Remains.
  • High-energy beam illuminates the mystery of the northern lights.
  • The story of the only surviving member of the Volcano Tribe, who claims her tribe has the ‘power’ to calm the fury of the twin Marum and Benbow Volcanoes.
  • Human remains, which were found in a bog in Co Roscommon last week, are believed to be approximately 2,000 years old.
  • The "Mysterious Bog People" were all subjected to violent deaths.
  • Entertainment news on TDG??? Is Angelina Jolie working voudou magic on Brad Pitt? Maybe it will help his zombie-like acting.
  • Scientists find fossil proof of Egypt's ancient climate.
  • Global Warming debate: it all started in 1827 when French mathematician Fourier coined the term "greenhouse effect".
  • Antarctica, where 75% of the 400 mountain glaciers are in retreat, is an 'awakened giant'. It's a long time since I read the eda's but wasn't it when the ice giants woke that Ragnarock began?
  • Complex networks, including the World Wide Web and patterns in cellular biochemistry, share a common architecture with snowflakes and trees.
  • In a 17-mile tunnel deep beneath the Earth, the search for the God particle.
  • Making Memories Stick: Why some moments become lasting recollections while others just evaporate.
  • Laughter plays tricks with your eyes, literally changing the way you see the world.
  • Weary of ET's lack of reply to SETI? Physicists need a million personal computers to look for gravity waves.
  • Andaman quakes leave seismologists worried - events "unheard of in the history of seismology" have been recorded in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, with more than 120 such events being recorded in the last month.
  • A series of moving bright lights spotted in the sky off Scarborough, England.
  • Nine more 'biodiversity crisis areas' have been added to the 25 originally recognized in 2000; threatened 'hotspots' harbour half the world's plant species.
  • Rumor of a UFO crash in Nepal China border. According to sources, the crash site may be close to Mount Everest and is totally inaccessible from either side. The rumor world is speculating that the Chinese military is actively looking at the crash site.
  • The truth is out there: declassified reports of UFO sightings in the UK reveal 88 sightings last year
  • In the Beginning was . . . the creationist debate. Author Stephen Strauss announces several truths about the debate as it takes place outside of the scientific/religious community.
  • High-tech ship to patrol the coasts: sounds kinda cool. But if you say "tricked-out, ultra-fast, aluminum catamaran to test out all the latest gear" - awwwwww yeah!
  • US Air Force leaders want a new squadron of killer drones, and soon. So the generals are ready to spend $161 million to get the new robots and their weapons right away.
  • Still refining their list of "Nuts", doctors now say caffeine addiction is a 'Mental Disorder'. Sorry, got to go, they've come to take me away.

Thanks to Shadows and Kat for all their help and links.

Quote of the Day:

You'll never get mixed up if you simply tell the truth. Then you don't have to remember what you have said, and you never forget what you have said.

Sam Rayburn


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earthling's picture
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22 November 2004
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7 hours 3 min

I'm not sure what you are recommending, should I launch my junk into orbit, or store it in a bog ? Which will preserve it better ?

I would not be worried about what those american psychiatrists are saying, last year they were estimating 26% of the US population has mental problems requiring treatment. This number will go up, and soon us mental cases will be the normal ones. I'm having another cup.

Rick MG's picture
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2 May 2004
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9 weeks 1 day

The Dropa Stones are a sham. It's all based on a novel from the 1960s or 1970s, Sungods In Exile, by David Agamon. A few years ago, he admitted to Fortean Times magazine that it was all a hoax.

The Dropka are a real people called TIBETANS who live in central-north and northwest Tibet. They're not aliens, just nomads. Dropka literally means dweller of the black tent, so-called because their tents are made from yak hair.

I've done a fair bit of research into the Dropa Stones for my novel. So everyone please post every week I do the news and whip my butt into action -- I've been talking about writing my novel for years, and setting up a website for the research I've done! Talk about lazy.



the shadow's picture
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24 June 2004
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10 years 11 weeks

Actually Rick, I read somewhere that the dropa stone story was invented by von Daniken, dunno if it is true.

Anyway, why aren't you writing your book??!!!!
I saw you telling Kat the other day to get stuck into her book, but where is YOUR book Rick?

Is that strong enough for you?

And where is the website Rick?
I am hanging by my ears here waiting for you to get going.

I'm only joking,


Kathrinn's picture
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10 August 2004
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3 years 14 hours

What - no cigarette butts? (Sorry Rico!)


the shadow's picture
Member since:
24 June 2004
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10 years 11 weeks

Hi Kathrinn,
where you bin?
Long time no talk.


Lee's picture
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1 May 2004
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7 years 40 weeks

News of a crashed UFO on the Nepal-China border reaches us on Jan 31, then the following day the King of Nepal dismisses the government and breaks contact with the outside world. Soon someone will make a connection between these two events.

st1d's picture
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20 December 2004
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9 years 15 hours

I can't quite figure out why all these aliens end up in BFE. I mean, landing on one of the caribbean islands, with all sorts of boozed up 'mericans, and "stoned islanders" might be as good a place as any. They might even be able to open up a little bar for some side cash (and the occasional anal probe specimen). Maybe even start your own cruise line. At least it would be warm, and you wouldn't have to worry about some huge army bearing down on you the moment you landed.

'Course, that's just my opinion. :)

the shadow's picture
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24 June 2004
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10 years 11 weeks

Are the aliens here then?
The other night I dreamt I saw a UFO and I was with all these people who did not see it.
I tried to get away and couldn't.
I woke up with sleep paralysis.
Have I been abducted?
I've been wearing foil on my head ever since, and I have glasses of water all over the house.